S4 (Andarine): A Potent SARM for Crazy Fat Loss

Losing unwanted fat mass can be a daunting task. Your options are pretty limited if you’re looking for effective fat loss solutions. Currently, you can take stimulants, steroids, or pricey supplements. Each of these solutions have their drawbacks. Stimulants build up a quick tolerance and can damage your brain. Steroids work but are illegal, cause nasty side effects, and are hard to buy online. Supplements can help, but they tend to be ineffective. What if there was a way to lose fat quickly and effectively without the bad side effects? Now there is, and it’s possible with a SARM called S4 or andarine.

What is Andarine aka S4?

Andarine, also known as S4, is a potent Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. GTX Inc first tested Andarine as a cure for muscle wasting disorders. S4 was also found to be effective for treating osteoporosis and bone diseases.  Andarine does not need to be injected since it is not a steroid. It  is typically used for cutting cycles, since it has the ability to promote drastic amounts of fat loss while holding onto precious muscle.

Buy Andarine S4 Online

If you’re ready to buy andarine online, there are  few things you need to know. First of all, only shop at a retailer that gets third party lab work done. There are a lot of companies selling fake SARMs online. You don’t want to spend hard earned money on a bunk product. Second, always opt for capsules if possible. My personal recommendation for buying S4 online is to shop at Proven Peptides. They have a five star rating. Lab work is done on all of their products. Lastly, they offer a money back guarantee for all their SARMs.

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Benefits of Andarine

S4 carries a lot of benefits for people looking to get that prime physique. Andarine is extremely versatile and mild, so it can be used for multiple purposes. The biggest benefit is obviously how quickly it can promote fat loss. It can also increase muscle hardness and promote vascularity.

Andarine (S4) for Cutting and Fat Loss

The primary benefit of cycling andarine is for quickly losing huge amounts of fat mass. S4 stacked with cardarine is my choice for cutting only cycles. Andarine works by attaching to androgen receptors. By doing so, andarine literally forces your body to lose fat and increase muscle density. Combining that with a good training routine and diet will accelerate your fat loss greatly into new levels.

Andarine for Bulking

Honestly, andarine is not the best choice for bulking cycles. While it is great for losing fat, the muscle gain is typically lackluster when compared to other SARMs such as LGD 4033 and YK11. You can however use S4 in combination with a bulking SARM to produce a recomping effect. Recomping is when you force your body to lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time.

Strength Gains

One of the things I like best about S4/andarine is the strength gains. I personally think that the strength gains are comparable to steroids such as anavar or even the prohormone epistane. Retaining your strength while on a cutting cycle is incredibly difficult, but adding andarine to your cutting cycle will ensure that you do not lose those strength gains that you spent so long training to achieve. Typically on a cutting cycle, it is expected to lose strength gains. This is not the case when you are on S4. In fact, I typically gain a good amount of strength even on cutting cycles. I’ve hit numerous PRs while in cutting mode which is no small feat.

Andarine Promotes Hardness and Vascularity

S4 is similar to Anavar in this aspect as well. Bodybuilders will find that running andarine for a few weeks will promote a leaner, harder physique. If you are going for that summer look, this might be the perfect SARM for your goals.

Side Effects of Andarine

Luckily, andarine does not have a lot of side effects. There are a few you should know about, though. It is possible to experience mild shut down on S4. This is only an issue if you run S4 for much longer than recommended. The good news is that even if you do experience mild suppression, your body will bounce back naturally. You can speed up the recovery process by doing a post cycle therapy supplement after your cycle.

Best Dosage for Andarine (S4)

The optimal dose of andarine is 50mg per day. You can run it for a total of 8 weeks for a typical cutting cycle. You can take it with or without food. It does not matter either way.

Half life of Andarine

The half life of S4 (andarine) is only 4 hours. This means that you need to dose frequently in order to sustain optimal levels of it in your system. Because of this, I recommend dosing andarine 4 times per day if possible. Getting a capsule form is going to be key since you will be able to split doses easily.

Liquids vs Capsules

Always opt for a liquid formula of andarine. LMany SARMs will lose their potency if stored in dry powder form for too long. Liquids are easy to transport, easy to dose properly, and increase absorption!

Before and After Results of Andarine

Now that you’re ready to start using S4, you’ll want to see what kind of results to look out for. I found some before and after pics online by searching through some popular bodybuilding forums. Keep in mind that no two cycles are the same, and ultimately your results will be dependent on your training and diet as well.

before and after andarine

s4 before and after

As you can see from the images above, fat loss is the main result of using S4. Muscle gains show to be very mild, but for cutting this is a great compound. The woman below went from slightly chubby to getting a toned midsection.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope I’ve done a good job answering the majority of your questions about S4/Andarine. I put a lot of time and effort into these guides. With that being said, there are a lot of recurring questions that I get asked. Here are some of them.

How long does it take to kick in?

Andarine usually starts kicking in full force by week two or three. Throughout the cycle, further results will be seen. By week 5 you will notice a difference in the mirror every single day. By week 8 you will be much leaner and stronger.

Do I need a PCT after running S4?

I do recommend using a PCT after running S4. You always want to play it safe with your body. Yes, it is an added cost, but it is worth it. Most people do not experience any short of shut down, but it is possible. Always listen to your body. Go see your doctor if you have symptoms of low testosterone.

Does Andarine cause gyno?

No, it does not. S4 does not convert to estrogen. It is physically impossible to get gyno from taking andarine.

How long should I cycle S4?

I recommend 8 weeks cycles at 50mg per day throughout the cycle. Don’t extend past this, as you might experience minor shut down.

What gains can I expect?

You can expect to lose 5 to 10lbs of fat on an 8 week cycle on S4. In addition, you can expect a hardening effect of your muscles along with achieving a leaner, more vascular physique.

Closing Thoughts

I created this website to educate and teach people about SARMs. While I do my best to provide as much information as possible, I know sometimes I miss things. If there are any questions you have about S4/Andarine or any other SARM, just drop it in the comments below.

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