S23: “The Big Daddy” of SARMs


S23: “The Big Daddy” of SARMs

In recent years, the supplement market has boomed with products that promise almost overnight muscle gains. But that doesn’t mean taking anabolic steroids is going the way of the Dodo, either.  In fact, steroid use has increased over these past few years alone.

If you’re looking to avoid the many drawbacks that come with taking traditional steroids, consider looking into SARMs. They can give you the same gains as anabolic steroids, and, unlike many other supplements, are proven to work. And arguably, there’s no more effective SARM than S23: The “Big Daddy” of SARM supplements.

What is S 23?

SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) help increases the body’s muscle mass and bone density. S 23 orally bioavailable, which means it can be taken via pills and capsules. It’s also a non-steroid derivative so that it won’t cause hormonal imbalances.

It’s a very concentrated version of S4, also known as Andarine. When used correctly, S 23 can help increase lean tissue mass and muscle growth far better than Andarine, which is already regarded as a powerful muscle-building supplement.

Also, a handful of studies show that S-23 is the closest SARM to anabolic steroids regarding efficacy. However, there are some fundamental differences. Unlike traditional steroids, S-23 doesn’t decrease prostate size or cause dangerous mood swings. Other user reports suggest that S 23 is perhaps the best SARM to use when wanting to harden muscles and create a more chiseled aesthetic.

How Does S23 Work?

S23 is often referred to as “The Big Daddy” of SARMs because of how powerful it is. S23 works by specifically targeting chemical receptors in the muscles to skeletal bone masses of the body. After being stimulated, these muscle and bone groupings are encouraged to grow by utilizing stored energy reserves.

Studies have shown S23 to increase both lean muscle and skeletal mass while decreasing body fat. When combined with strenuous workouts, S23 can result in a grainier muscular build and increased endurance levels.

Is S 23 Safe?

Correctly using S-23 is a safe way to increase muscle growth and endurance through SARM supplement use. Because of how S23 affects the body’s hormonal receptors, not much needs to be used when compared to other SARMs. However, S23 is so potent that it affects people in wildly different ways, even under proper dosing.

For this reason alone, it’s essential to dose correctly. Here a few things to keep in mind before taking S23:

  • When cycling S 23, the substance will be detectable in the blood and urine for 72 hours.
  • It’s important to consult with WADA rules and coach before taking S23 if you want to compete without breaking existing competition guidelines.

What are the Side Effects of S-23?

Because of how close S23 is to steroids, it can come with more side effects than other SARMs. Read through the following carefully before deciding whether or not to start using S23:

S-23 May Cause Testosterone Shutdown

Like I said before, S 23 is the most potent SARM to come on the market today. And because of how strong it is, S23 can cause a metabolic problem known as testosterone shutdown. Unlike other SARMS, S 23 has been studied to alter testosterone levels in the body significantly. People who cycle using S23 report eliminating the side effects of testosterone shutdown by supporting their supplementation of S 23 with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Thankfully, side effects were reversed entirely in studies where users stopped taking S23 and completed a full TRT plan.

An Increased Sense of Aggression Across the Board

S23 can throw your testosterone levels sky high. Constant aggravation and expressing signs of outward aggression have been reported by users cycling through S 23. These mental side effect can vary significantly from person to person. But it needs to be said: If you have a history of mental illness or violence, consult with a professional before taking S 23.


Testicles and Prostate May Shrink

Like when taking steroids, S-23 can cause abnormal shrinkage of the testes and prostate. This is, for the most part, temporary and will go away after the first week or so of cycling. To avoid permanent damage, never cycle more than eight weeks with S23 if you observe testicle and prostate shrinking.

Hair Loss May Rear its Ugly Head

Using S-23 can cause hair loss in men. If you’re already experiencing thinning hair, expect shedding to increase.

Excreting Darker Than Usual Urine

Users of S-23 have reported peeing darker than normal urine. This off-colored urine is attributed to how S23 causes the body to release retained water.

What are the Benefits of S23?

Cycling S-23 with proper dosings can result in noticeable performance gains. Here are just a few benefits of taking S23:

You’ll Have a Grainy Muscular Build When Using S 23

People who take S-23 develop a visibly more grainy muscular build than those who don’t. If you put two people who are at 10 percent body fat, with only one of them taking S23, you’ll be able to notice the clear difference.

S-23 Helps Improve Stamina During Hard Workouts

Because of the anabolic effects of S-23, you can expect to increase your stamina while taking them. In fact, the increased stamina will be present even after you cycle off of S-23.

Reduces Water Retention in the Body

S23 depletes the muscles of water so that they can flush excess insulin and lactic acid. The result is dramatic water weight loss, which could be plus if you’re competing at weight levels.

Will Offset Muscle Catabolism When Cutting

If you’re cutting, taking S23 can help mitigate muscle loss. Cycle through a course of S-23 when trimming down, and you’ll retain all your muscle gains from bulking.

S23 Produces Quick Results

Because of how potent S-23 is, results come quick. You can expect to see a visible difference in as little as two weeks.

Skeletal Bone Density Increases When Using S-23.

Like other SARMs, S-23 can help improve bone health and density. Calcium mineralization in the bones is also possible when taking S-23 bone health, as well.

Even though S 23 has more significant side effect than other SARMs, they offer even more benefits than less potent varieties. And they’re still much safer to take the anabolic steroids. Again, you need to know how to dose correctly to get all these benefits.

What’s the Correct Dosage of S23 to Take?

Studies conducted on rodents suggest that the human equivalent to dosing with S 23 would be between 0.5mg to 50mg. Because of this wide margin, specific dosing is difficult to pin down. However, most users suggest using between 20mg and 30mg. This amount is split between three doses throughout the day.

Correct cycling with S-23 is just as hard to exact. But using current research results as guidelines, users can cycle for up to eight weeks. However, consider doing a single four-week cycle before lengthening your run. After eight weeks of cycling, allow for a 30 day rest period. You will also need to follow with an appropriate Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

In What Form is S-23 Available in For Supplement Use?

SARM S23 is primarily available in oral forms. When shopping for S-23, choose either pill or capsule products. It’s a good idea to make sure each pill or capsules measures between 5mg or 10mg for easy dosing.

Where to Buy S-23 Online?

S23 is available from many online stores and vendors, particularly in oral forms. Each S-23 product will also come with the SARM label “for research use only.” Like other SARMs, S23 hasn’t been cleared by the FDA for human consumption by the FDA. But independent clinical and case studies show that it is, in fact, ok to be taken.

With that in mind, I’d recommend buying from Proven Peptides. These company’s labs test their S-23 supplements, so you can rest assured your product is pure. Less reputable companies may combine their products with fillers and even cheaper steroids. Avoid those business and products like the plague.

Commonly Asked Questions

As with any new supplement, many questions can come to the foreground. Here are just a few of the most common about S23 supplementation:

When will I notice results from taking S 23?

If you stay consistent in your daily doses, you can expect drastic results in as little as four weeks. Because of how S23 strips the muscles of water, it’s crucial to remain hydrated. If you’re dehydrated, your on-scale results can be skewed.

Is S23 Safe to take for up to two months?

Yes, it is! However, eight weeks is the longest you should cycle with S23. And when you are using it this long, make sure you follow with a PCT.

Will S23 make my moods swing?

Because S23 is such a potent SARM, it’s unlike others in the fact that it can cause your mood to change. Users have noted increases of aggression, frustration, and anger when cycling S23. Take this into account when you’re deciding if you want to use S23.

What’s the best way to take S 23?

The optimal way to take S 23 is via ingesting capsules or pills of the SARM. Oral bioavailability is surprisingly high with S23, so it will remain powerful when ingested in capsule or pill form.

Can S23 damage my prostate?

The long-term effects of using S 23 are still unclear. Some users have reported shrinking testicles and protesters as a result of heavy S23 cycling. Thankfully, these symptoms cleared after stopping and using a PCT regimen.

Final Thoughts on S 23

There’s a good reason why SARM supplements are gaining popularity among muscle building and physics enhancement. Even though S23 does have more side effects than other SMARs, it’s still a much safer alternative than using anabolic steroids. Because dosing S 23 is quite tricky, I’d recommend starting on the conservative side, then going up from there.

I’d highly recommend taking S23, as long are mindful of your dosing and follow with a PCT cycle. S23 is an overall safe and beneficial substitute for steroids that can provide jaw-dropping results, on and off the scale.


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