Ostarine (MK-2866): A Potent SARM For Bulking and Cutting

Ever since the rise of competitive bodybuilding, people have been looking for shortcuts to gain muscle and lose fat. In the past, the only way to achieve this was by using potent anabolic steroids. While these drugs were effective, they also came with a host of side effects. Ostarine is a first generation SARM that has proven to be a legal alternative to steroids. Best of all, it has very low chances of side effects, and it is extremely cost effective.

What is Ostarine aka MK-2866?

Ostarine is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). Specifically, it targets receptors in the body to increase muscle mass and bone density. GTX, inc originally studied Ostarine to see how it could help patients with muscle wasting diseases in the 1990s. The results were a great success. Scientists found that ostarine has the ability to actually increase muscle mass and even shed unwanted fat very quickly. Because of this, many professional athletes and bodybuilders utilize MK-2866 in their cycles to improve overall physique.

Where to buy Ostarine online

If you’ve decided you’re ready to commit to doing a cycle of ostarine, there is one thing you need to know. This SARM is faked a lot. Some less reputable companies will sell you a bottle of prohormones or steroids while labeling it as ostarine. They do this because they want you to think the product is real, and some steroids such as superdrol are extremely cheap to manufacture. I highly suggest you either buy from Proven Peptides, which has consistently produced only the purest SARMs on the market, or do a lot of research on whoever you’re going to buy from.

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Is Ostarine Safe?

Yes. One of the great benefits of this SARM is the fact that it is very mild and safe. It has been around a very long time, and is well studied. Side effects are usually very mild, if you experience them at all. Out of all the SARMs currently on the market, MK-2866 is considered one of the safest. If you decide to run a cycle, I recommend you do the following in order to optimize your health:

  • Drink plenty of water. You want to stay as hydrated as possible while on cycle. Doing so keeps your body fresh and less prone to side effects.
  • Take a support supplement. There are plenty of good on cycle support supplements out there. Check on Amazon or any other supplement website.
  • Get enough rest. Make sure you’re getting 8 hours of good sleep at night. Your body needs that extra sleep to keep up with the extra muscle gain.

Side effects of taking Ostarine

There aren’t too many side effects associated with taking MK-2866. With that being said, there are a few that need to be noted. Most notably is suppression of natural testosterone function. Let me be very clear: this is extremely rare. I’ve only seen it happen a few times, and it only happened with people who ran their cycle much longer than needed. You can easily avoid shutdown if you keep your cycle length under 8 weeks. 8 weeks on with 12 weeks off is recommended.

The only other side effect worth mentioning is increased blood pressure. Some users reported that they had some higher than normal BP levels. You can easily treat this by taking a natural blood pressure supplement.

Like I said, the side effects are very mild. Most people don’t get any at all. With that being said, always listen to your body and go see a doctor if you need to.

Benefits of Taking Ostarine

Ostarine comes with plethora of benefits for people who chose to use it on cycle. Objectively speaking, it is a great all around SARM for both fat loss and muscle gain. Depending on how you run it, and what dose you use, you can use it for a large variety of different effects and achieve different results. Personally, MK-2866 was one of the first SARMs that I used and I got great results using it to recomp (lose fat and gain muscle while keeping overall weight the same). Below I will share with you a few different ways ostarine can benefit your next cycle.

Ostarine Can Help You Lose Fat

One of the first things that people realize when they’re in the middle of an ostarine cycle is how quickly they lose fat. More so, results are intensified by combining MK-2866 with a low calorie diet if you want to really put the fat loss into overdrive. If you really want to get the most out of using ostarine for a cutting cycle, consider stacking it with cardarine and/or yk-11.

Ostarine Builds and Preserves Muscle

If you are planning on gaining some muscle during the offseason, this SARM will be a great pick for you. Ostarine has shown time and time again to be a solid choice for gaining muscle mass. Also, it is extremely gentle on the body as you read above. You can expect slow and steady gains with it and noticeable results in 6 to 8 weeks time. I recommend stacking with LGD-4033 for bulking cycles. Last, do not run your cycle past 8 weeks. Always give your body a break after cycle.

What is the Best Ostarine Dosage?

You want to make sure you’re running an appropriate dose of ostarine if you’re going to jump on cycle. If you run it too low, you might not get the results you’d expect. Likewise, running it too high will have diminishing results and you might experience more side effects than needed. Your dosage also depends on whether you are bulking or cutting. I prefer using smaller doses for cutting cycles since your main goal is going to be to preserve the muscle you already have rather than trying to add slabs of new muscle in a caloric deficit.

Dosage for bulking

For bulking cycles, I recommend ramping up to 30mg a day and keeping cycle length at 8 weeks. Here is an example ostarine dosage protocol for a traditional bulking cycle:

Week 1: 10mg a day, taken either in the morning or at night.

Weeks 2, 3, and 4: 20mg per day. You can take the dosage at once or split it up morning and night, whichever you prefer.

Weeks 5 though 8: Up the dose again to 30mg per day. I like to do a morning dose, a preworkout dose, and a final bedtime dose to maximize plasma levels.

Dosage for cutting

With cutting cycles, I recommend keeping the cycle length under 6 weeks and lowering the dose a bit. Here is my personal protocol for cutting cycles:

Week 1 through 3: 10mg a day taken in the morning

Weeks 4, 5, and 6: 20mg a day. I like to take 10mg in the morning and another 10mg at bedtime.

Ostarine Halflife

Ostarine has a half life of a little less than 24 hours. Due to this, you do not have to split your doses up throughout the day. I mainly do it out of habit. Technically, it shouldn’t matter whether you take it all at once or split it up, though.

Pills vs Liquids vs Capsules

If you read my blog often, you know that I only recommend getting liquid versions of SARMs. They are simply the best option. A lot of SARMs will break down and lose potency in dry form and that is not safe or good for your gains. Also, getting the liquid form will make dosing easier.

Before and After Result Pictures

Here are some before and after pictures I found online of people running ostarine in their cycles. As you can see, the results are pretty great.



Both guys leaned up quite a bit. Also, you can see that the guy on the bottom got a great amount of vascularity as well. Last, both subjects lost a good amount of fat around the midsection and increased body composition a lot. I would say overall this is a great result for ostarine cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions emailed to me about SARMs. I always do my best to answer all of them. With that being said, if you have any question about ostarine (or any other SARM), please respond in the comment section below and I will answer you within 24 hours. Here is a list of frequently asked questions I get about MK-2866:

Do I need a PCT for Ostarine?

Honestly I would recommend it. You shouldn’t need a pharma grade PCT for ostarine, though. There are plenty of good over the counter PCT supplements that you can grab online. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with these kind of things. Olympus Labs makes a great post cycle therapy supplement that you can purchase on Amazon for around $30.

How long does it take for ostarine to kick in?

Typically you will start seeing results kick in around week 2. By week 3 if you are training and dieting correctly you will start to transform. After week 4 you should see a noticeable change in the mirror every few days.

Does Ostarine cause gyno?

This is debatable. One one hand, you have people on the internet that swear that ostarine gave them gynocomastia. With that being said, there is absolutely no way that ostarine can cause gyno due to it’s chemical structure. It’s just not possible. Chances are that whoever made the claims most likely had a bunk supplement sold to them that was a dangerous steroid.

Closing words

Overall, ostarine is a great choice for someone who is just starting to get into SARMS. It’s also a great choice for experienced users who want to add a little extra “pop” in their next cycles. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please feel free to share your experiences with ostarine in the comments and also ask any questions you need answered. May the gains be with you!

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  1. looking at a first cycle. I would like to start with Ostarine and add another. I was thinking of adding RAD 140. I am 52 years old. 6’0″ 175lb with about 14% body fat. need to rid my self of the last bit of belly fat and love handles. My diet is real good, protein intake is on point and I hit the gym about 5 days a week. I am what some call a hard gainer. I am willing to put in the work but I need more lean muscle. I am ready to see some results. any advice

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