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IRC .bio is known for creating high-quality SARMS products for bodybuilders. Also, sells many other forms of research chemicals. If you are looking for a solution for your total body transformation, then is the right company to choose from. review
8 / 10 Reviewer
A refreshingly good selection with lots of available products to choose from.
There have been questions about their purity (even though they do publish lab tests). Also, a lot of their products require you to submit verification to order.
Summary is a decent choice for buying SARMs and other research chemicals online. They offer some great discount codes as well.

Pros of

  • Free Shipping on domestic orders over $100
  • Independent Testing that Meets Purity Standards
  • Worldwide Delivery and Fast Dispatch

SARMS Products Sold sells state of the art research products that are proven to increase muscle activity, and enhance your mental, cognitive function. These are there most popular selling SARMS goods that you should consider buying.

SARM Liquids

Liquid solutions are the easiest to use. But what makes different from its competitors is its ability to sell SARM liquids that are not only safe but also effective in increasing muscle mass while keeping your body fat at an all-time low. We’ll explain their best SARM liquid product so that you can get your health on the right track today.

Pricing and Sizes

Usually, their liquid SARM products range from $20-$60. Most of them come in a months supply. We also like how has measuring pipettes and dropper bottles to help beginners get the right dosage.

You can get their liquid solutions at about 30mL of size. This is enough to complete a full cycle without having to experience any negative side effects if done correctly. Follow the instructions on each SARM product, and you’ll be fine.


These are the most common SARM liquid solutions that sells:

  • Ibutamoren
  • Cardarine
  • Ostarine

Overall, has a good selection of both liquid and powder SARMS goods for the bodybuilding aficionado to the person wanting to increase their size. Try these solutions out if you’re ready to get your body in shape without having to use harmful steroids while doing so.

SARM Powders

It can be difficult to find SARM Powders on the market these days. Some companies are banned from selling it while some are unable to create one that’s of good quality. However, has placed itself ahead of the competition by providing some of the best SARM powder products that are available in today’s market.

Pricing and Sizes

Another thing that makes a reputable company is the inexpensive prices for their products. At the very least, users can have a budget as low as $30 and still be able to obtain SARM powder that will help them increase their muscle mass.

Most of their products range from 500 to 1000mg. Contact your doctor before buying any of these products to ensure that they don’t create issues with your existing health conditions.


Here’s a list containing the most popular SARM powder products that currently sells:

Another reason why people like is due to their extensive selection of SARMS products. There are over 30 different chemicals that are available, and each of them have been tested to ensure that you’ll gain muscle, relax your mental state, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Recommended Dosage  suggests that each of their products is taken in moderation. While they are highly researched and are safe, overdosing on any of these SARMS can be fatal. Here is a table that shows the safest level of dosage you should use with their products:

SARMS Type Recommended Cycle Recommended Dosage (per day)
Ligandrol 3-4 Weeks 5-10 mg
Ibutamoren 3-12 Weeks 30 mg
YK-11 1-4 Weeks 2-5 mg
Cardarine 8 – 12+ Weeks 30 mg
Ostarine 4-8 Weeks 25-50 mg



The results from using these products are fairly positive. Users who have used their Liquid and SARM powders have noticed an increase in muscle mass, loss of body fat, and overall strength during their exercises.

While these SARMS don’t have many side effects, you still need to take the recommended dosage (as listed above) to remain safe when using them. Doing so will allow you to gain the most out of your cycles without experiencing any long-term diseases.

Is Legit?

Most new users tend to ask “Is legit?”. It’s been backed by a team that provides the highest level of customer service and packages their products with the user’s privacy in mind. Thus, it’s a great company to buy from if you’re ready to focus on bodybuilding training.

As a bodybuilder, you’re going to need the best SARMS products to help you stay in shape and on top of your game. Each of their products has been through multiple tests to ensure that it remains pure and safe for the average user to reap the benefits from them.

Customer Service & Shipping Information is known for its quick shipping times and ability to provide your desired products within a few days notice. If you have an discount code available, it will make it easier to get the products you need.

On average, it takes about 1-3 days for the packages to be processed by the courier. A shipping email that contains your tracking information will be delivered after your SARMS package has been processed. Sometimes this can take an extra business day.

Also, coupon codes are automatically applied to the price of their products. This saves you time and allows you to see how much they are at its lowered rate instantly.

If you live in the US, here are the approximate times it will take to reach your home:

  • FedEx Ground or UPS: 3-6 Business Days
  • USPS Priority Mail: 2-4 Business Days
  • USPS Priority Express Mail: 2-3 Business Days

For international users:

  • DHL Express: 2-7 Days
  • USPS Int’l Priority: 7-21 Days
  • USPS Int’l First Class: 2-6 Weeks

These are just an approximate time for each of your packages arrive. This means that due to processing, and shipping procedures, you can expect to get your packages at least 90% of these times. discount codes can be used to reduce the shipping on domestic orders that are over $100.


To conclude, is a responsible seller that helps users fix issues associated with oxygen deficiency, anxiety, and helps them grow muscle while reducing their body fat percentage. And, coupon codes are frequent, as you can buy some of their most popular products by up to 50% off.

But if you’re looking to get the best SARMS products that are currently available, you should look into Proven Peptides. Not only do they have a wide selection of SARMS related supplements to choose from, but they are also rigorously tested to ensure that they are safe to use. Try it today if you’re ready to reach muscle gains as you’ve never experienced before.


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4 Comments on “ Review: An Extensive Selection of Research Chemicals”

  1. They seem pretty good I bought a couple of things from them and everything came in a timely manner.. I’m not hundred percent sure if it’s legit so far since I’m only two doses In. I’ve noctice though that choice compounds and websites have a lot of similarities. It wouldn’t surprise me if the two were affiliated in someway.. or maybe they just get their supplies from the same overseas company..

    1. I don’t think they are the same company but I can see what you mean with the site design. They probably just use the same software for their website design.

  2. I just ordered the mk2866 ostarine. I have taken it in pill form but no longer can find it. I found this site. It says not for human consumption, so how do I take it? I ordered the liquid form and it came with a pippette. Do i drink it or mix it? Help anyone? I am female 5’4 145 age 40. I think I should be taking 15mg aday to save muscle but cut fat. Thats my goal

    1. Liquids offer better purity. It says no human consumption because that’s how they get around selling it legally. The SARMs are legal but manufacturer’s cant sell them as supplements due to FDA regulations. Just swallow a dose and chase it down with a drink 😉

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