Elite Sarms Review: Australia’s Hottest SARMs Supplier

Finding the best place to buy your SARMs can be risky business. If you are looking to buy SARMs, it is safe to assume that you care about the health of your body. You are actively seeking to improve it. Why would you want to pollute your body with fake chemicals when there are plenty of providers of real SARMs? Luckily you’ve landed on our elite sarms review.

elite sarms review

Elite Sarms
7.5 / 10 Reviewer
Great stacks, good customer service, good reputation and purity standards.
Not worth the extra cost if you don't live in Australia.
Elite SARMs is a great choice for buying SARMs if you live in Austrailia. We're a fan of the clean site layout and good customer service.

The hardest part of using SARMs is finding the right retailer, and that is what we are here to help you with. Over the course of this review, we will be taking a look at Elite SARMs. This company is based out of Sydney, Australia. Their mission is to make the best SARMs possible.

Of course, just because this company is based in Sydney, it doesn’t mean you can’t order their SARMs. As long as you are willing to pay the cost of shipping, you can buy from them. However, keep in mind that there is a more versatile option in Proven Peptides.  This is true if you are located in America.

Let’s take a closer look at Elite SARMs’ intentions and some further details about their company. Then we will examine the products that they have available.

Elite SARMs Review

As we have already mentioned, Elite SARMs is an Australian company. If you live down under, or if you are planning a trip there, you can rest assured that you will still have some SARMs. Being located in Australia, it will be challenging for them to deliver to many places around the world. That is one of their few flaws.

While the location may limit the number of customers that Elite SARMs can cater to, they make up for it in virtually every other way that they can. Elite SARMs, as is hinted at in their name, sells to those who are looking for the highest quality SARMs on the market, but don’t want to break the bank.

Elite SARMs also has a website that is laid-out very well by the standards of most SARMs sellers. This is due to the different regulations in Australia, where they can still be marketed for what they are. In America, SARMs will have to be marketed as research chemicals. This severely limits companies’ ability to advertise the effects of their substances.

Notable Aspects

  • They provide more info about their products than most other retailers
  • Located in Australia
  • SARMs are still research grade
  • Products are non-toxic and fit for safe consumption
  • They offer premade stacks for beginners
  • You can filter the products by workout goals

What is Available from Elite SARMs?

Having read over those aspects, you may have noticed that Elite SARMs is entirely different from most of the providers available in the USA. Due to the restriction on how SARMs can be advertised, American sites leave much of the research up to you. Elite SARMs lets you know everything you need to up front.

Being able to filter the available SARMs based off of what you want to accomplish makes the buying process so much easier and more straightforward.

Another benefit to being able to advertise the effects of SARMs openly is that Elite SARMs can sell their own stacks while letting you know what purpose they are for. All of these features help make Elite SARMs an excellent source of quality SARMs as well as one of the best places to do your research.

Even if you don’t end up buying anything after reading our Elite SARMs review, it is likely that you will end up leaving their site having learned something about how you can use SARMs more effectively. Let’s go over some of the SARMs that you will find available from them, as well as some custom stacks:

Prices, Concentrations, and Sizes

All of the SARMs in liquid form from Elite SARMs come in 30 ml bottles. The concentration will vary between substances. We noticed that concentrations tend to be a little bit weaker than on other sites, including Proven Peptides. For example, YK-11, which is usually available at 15 mg per ml, is only 10 mg per ml.

Even though you can’t choose different sizes, if you purchase more than three bottles of a specific substance, then you will be eligible for a 10% rebate. This encourages bulk purchases. Prices are also a little higher than you would expect from some of the more bare bones storefronts. To us, that comes as little surprise.

Perhaps the biggest issue will be getting the compounds delivered to you if you live outside of Australia, as the shipping costs will be very steep. Still, if you are dedicated to finding the best SARMs possible, then you might just want to give Elite SARMs a try.

Is Elite SARMs Legit?

We understand that everything that we have said over the course of this review may sound too good to be true, especially for customers who are used to dealing with American SARMs companies. Thankfully, we found in our Elite SARMs review that they are one of the most reliable marketplaces available.

Customer service quality was excellent when it was required (which was not that often). And the SARMs themselves were highly impressive. We tried both our own stacks and one of theirs to see how they compared, and we found that they were both of roughly equal effectiveness.

Of course, more advanced users will rarely need premade SARMs stacks as they already know exactly what they like, but they are a massive aid for those who are new to the world of SARMs. Shipping wasn’t necessarily as quick as we would have liked, but that is unfortunately the cost of dealing with Elite SARMs.


As you can see from our Elite SARMs review, this is one of the best sources in Australia, and if it weren’t for Proven Peptides, we might say that they are the best in the world. We hope that this review has been able to help you decide on the right source for your SARMs, and we wish you luck!

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