Choice Compounds Review: Everything You Need to Know

Choice Compounds review

If you’re serious about bodybuilding, then you’ve no doubt heard of the benefits that you can obtain from using SARMs. No, we’re not talking about steroids. We’re talking about healthy, cutting-edge, 100% legal research chemicals.

Many of these supplements can make you faster, stronger, and biger than you could have ever imagined. Using these research chemicals is the closest we will ever get to a fitness version of the movie Limitless. Some will even cause your body to do the impossible: gain muscle and lose weight at the same time. Unheard of right?

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the website Choice Compounds. People have been looking for reviews and asking around about the legitimacy of them. 

Choice Compounds
7.1 / 10 Reviewer
Good prices, fast shipping.
Questions of legitimacy. No published lab tests. Stock issues. Doesn't sell Ostarine.
Overall, we would suggest going to proven peptides instead.

Choice Compounds Review

To be honest, this company used to be great. But over time they have failed to keep items in stock, and they stopped publishing their purity tests. Many people are having issues with their products so we can not in good conscience endorse them.

What Do They Sell?

Choice Compounds sells some of the best research chemicals on the market, and specializes in SARMs. These are commonly used in the latest exercise technology tests.

In past days, the only people who had access to these kinds of substances were highly paid athletes and movie stars. Now with the advent of the internet, the average Joe can get them for an affordable price.

Liquid SARMs for Dedicated Athletes

Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs are most often used by bodybuilders who are seeking to bulk up. Many times they are used as a replacement for traditional anabolic steroids.

After the steroid boom in the 1980’s, people began to realize the long-term damage that they can have. SARMs provide many of the same positive building affects, but without the negative side effects such as acne, gene mutation, and the infamous “roid-rage.”

Choice Compounds has a great selection of SARMs. They are hands down the best on the market. They leave your body with a clean feeling and are untainted by any type of fillers. Let’s take a look!

SARMs Powders

Powders are the best for those who are looking to either mix their compound into a food or drink or for those who want to want to use sublingual administration.

Here’s a list of the SARMs powders the Choice Compounds carries:

  • GW-501516 (Cardarine)
  • LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)
  • MK-2866 (Ostarine)
  • MK-677 (Ibutamoren)
  • RAD-140 (Testalone)
  • S-4 (Andarine)
  • SR-9009 (Stanabolic)
  • YK-11

SARMs Solutions

These liquid solutions are perfect for those who dislike the gritty aftertaste that powder can sometimes give. They are easily applied by dropping under one’s tongue, mixing into a drink, or injection. Almost all of the SARM powders are available in the a solution form, along with some additional research chemicals.

Supplies For Use

Choice Compounds also sells everything that you need to do to administer your supplements. They sell bacteriostatic water for your injections, deionized water for those of you who wish you make your own solutions, as well as mini-bottles and droppers to store them in. Whichever your preferred method of dosing is, Choice Compounds has your back.

How Is Their Customer Support?

Let’s face it; customer support can make or break a company. No matter how great their products are, if they are rude to you, offer sub-par service, and take weeks to process your order, then you’ll most likely never shop with them again. Choice Compounds is legit; they want to give you the best experience possible.


First off, they have a rapid turnaround time on almost all of their orders. Every order I’ve ever placed with them has been processed within 12 hours and mailed to me within 3 – 5 business days. They also offer free order tracking so you can see exactly where your package is at all times and know which day it will arrive.

This is unprecedented. Most of the other online distributors I’ve ordered from usually make me wait around a week and sometimes more to receive my order. After a while, it became too much of a hassle, so I’m pleased to have finally found Choice Compounds.


Choice Compounds has a very gracious return policy. Many retailers I used in the past had none, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that one was included with my order. They offer a 30-day return policy on any products that don’t perform to your standards, and if you receive a defective product, they will immediately refund or replace it, no questions asked.

Choice Compounds Coupons

Discounts are often given out to loyal customers. If you sign up for their mailing list and create an account on site, then they will send you promotions, discounts, and Choice Compound coupons from time to time. If you like to use a lot of supplements, then this can be great.

Choice Compounds Reviews

Everybody wants a well-reviewed product and company. The first thing you’ll probably go search for is “Choice Compounds Review” when deciding whether or not to buy from a new company. Almost all of their products have reviews which help when deciding what the next best supplement is.

The Verdict

We suggest that Choice Compounds be used as a backup if you for whatever reason can’t order from Proven Peptides.





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35 Comments on “Choice Compounds Review: Everything You Need to Know”

    1. They are the best! I am working on more reviews now. Proven Peptides is my next choice and I will be reviewing them next. I’ll have a few more reviews done this week. What SARMs did you end up going with?

      1. I am just looking to lose some BF so not going crazy. Went with GW only as a test run to go with my Keto Diet. I don’t need a stack right now.

    2. I just finished up my cycle of lgd and nutrabol with rad 140 and I gained like 20lbs so there stuff is def legit. i’m ordering more now

  1. im about to place an order with choice compounds over proven peptides after reading your article . the price is much better. I hope im not being cheap and getting an inferior product.
    where are the coupons for choice compound , proven peptides offers online for first time buyers

    1. You’ll be very happy with them – I’ve been using Choice Compounds for a while now and never once had a bad experience. After you purchase they’ll typically send you coupon and discount codes to your email. Which SARMs did you decide on?

      1. lgd , S-4 & gw . i read thats its the best for recomping . looking to gain 4-6 lbs of muscle (not water weight) and drop bf to below 10% from 15% cuurently . do you think this can be accomplished in an 8 week cycle doing strict keto ?

        1. Oh man, I ran a near identical cycle with choice compounds’ sarms and had crazy good results. Keep the LGD at a lower than normal dose and 8 weeks Keto will shred you up hard and pack on some serious size too. Definitely check in and let me know how it goes man but you’re gonna love it I promise.

  2. just purchased LGD. Didnt include a stack. Is the product pure to take and is LGD good enough alone to lose bf and have decent gains?

    1. I’ve used the LGD many many times with good results. I’m sure you’ll have a great cycle, just keep protein high and try to get some extra volume in. Good luck and let us know how how your cycle goes! LGD is strong stuff

  3. I have never tried SARMS but i got GW to lose BF. I got it in the mail, just concerned about the warning label. Can cause shaking, vomiting, increased body temp or even death. Whats up with that?

    1. Good call on the GW, you’ll have a good run with that. The warning label is just their for them to cover their own ass. All SARMs companies sell their products for research purpose only. It’d be illegal to sell them for human consumption since they are not FDA approved. So what they do is label them as such so that the government can’t crack down on them saying they’re selling bodybuilding supplements illegally. All they have to do is go to court, point at the label, and say “how could we be selling bodybuilding supplements if our label clearly states not to consume?”. Hope that makes sense. It’s very common for all sarms and peptides companies.

  4. I got some Ostarine from ChoiceCompounds and was concerned about the warning label as well. Obviously there has not been any of those shaking, vomiting, or death reactions from the lab studies that have been done on this compound, in particular the clinical trials, even at doses of 100mg which would be insane anyways… Slightly concerned why they would put that on the label. I saw your last reply however, so it seems it’s still the same compound and not something else that does cause those things…

    1. It’s the same compound, I assure you that. The warning label is there to protect the company from the feds claiming that they are selling SARMs for something other than human consumption. They can’t legally sell them for purposes other than science and research. That’s why the bottle says that. Most peptide and sarms companies have similar disclaimer labels

  5. Thanks for that, started on Ostarine from CC and it’s given me bad upset stomach (really low mg dosage to start). I know nausea and diarrhea were one of the sides that were in the clinical studies, just curious if this is to be expected? If I wanted to try a different compound to gain some muscle but get ripped, is there something else I could try that might not have these sides. I’m in a cutting period right now so not too worried about size as much as leanness. I had hoped Ostarine would be the right choice here but clearly it’s not agreeing with me, only been two days though… Thanks.

  6. I have just ordered from Choice Compounds GW501516 and MK2866. I’m 57 and I’ve been lifting for 40yrs. I got these products for researching their effectiveness in reducing body fat and tightening up my 57 yr old muscles. I’m looking to loose about 30lbs and a belly. I still go to the gym but loosing body fat becomes more difficult at my age. The cycle with run GW 20mg and MK 20mg for 10 weeks. PCT= clomid and GW for 4 weeks. I am really hoping Choice Compounds are gonna provide quality products. Products scheduled to arrive Thursday 3/1/18.

    1. Nice! That’ll be a great leaning stack. What dose of clomid are you running? I highly suggest keeping the dosage below 25mg a day. More and you can get some nasty sides and it’s really unnecessary for HPTA stimulation.

      1. Thanks for the response. I’ve been reading especially in Isarms blog that PCT is a good idea after a 10-12 week cycle of MK-2866. Which is recommended to include Clomid for 4 weeks. The layout was wk1: 50mg wks 2-3: 25mg. It sounds like youre knowledge and experience recommends keeping the clomid on the conservative side. What do you think about wk1: 20mg, wks 2-3: 10mg? I understand this allows time for natural testosterone production to have time to return to normal after cycle in the case of any suppression after.

        1. Hey man. I got my order today! I took MK 20mg. at 4pm then I took GW 20mg at 8pm. Then an hour later I ran a 2.5 mile at a 6mph clip. What I noticed was that it seemed thermogenically I was perspiring more and I could feel the heat coming from my skin. My respirations were heavier but not heavy labored, just seemed stronger. Wow. It seems the GW really affected my thermogenic state quickly even on first dosage. I distnctly noticed the difference in heat and sweat. Coool! Cant wait to see the further effects of both GW and MK.

          1. Off to a great start! You PCT at 20/10/10 is perfect. Add another week of 10mg if you think you need it. Should bounce back pretty quickly. No need to go anywhere near 50mg after Osta, lol.

            Glad you’re off to a good start and make sure you keep us posted with the results boss!

    1. Most suppliers distill the compound in either propylene glycol or ehthyl alcohol depending on which will hold the solution at a more stable level. Propylene glycol tastes a lot worse than an ethyl alcohol blend. I’ve ordered from probably 10 different suppliers and can guarantee you that choice sells legit sarms. They’re stabilized in liquid solutions because 1) most sarms tend to lose potency in powder form and 2) liquids make it a lot easier to dose. You’re fine, don’t worry 🙂 I like to wash mine down with orange juice or lemonade. Swallow a ml and flush down with cold juice – works like a charm.

      1. Hi Admin, Could you help me out?
        I have purchased a lot of bunk in the past and I’m sceptical of most SARM products. Can you assure me that this is the real deal? And if so, how can I set up an order to the UK?

        Kind Regards

        1. Hey Craig. CC is legit – not sure if they ship overseas but I think they do. Sarms4You is a great European source as well. I think they’re in germany but they ship worldwide and their products are pure. Give them a shot

    1. You should be fine – stomach discomfort is rare. Shouldn’t need anything else while you’re on. Best of luck!

  7. Appreciate the review. Mk2866 is on the way. Is a natural test booster enough for pct? What would you suggest? Thanks!

    1. Most people don’t need a crazy PCT after MK2866 but I like to run a little nolva after just in case. Natty booster should be fine!

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