SarmsPharm Review: SARMs and More

sarmspharm review

We’ve all been there before, you’re consuming thousands of calories a day, working out nonstop, and you seem to notice no change whatsoever. Few things in this world are as discouraging as exercising for an extended period and seeing little to no difference in your physique. 

This is where SARMs come into play. Many refer to SARMs them as a safer alternative to steroids. While SARMs are certainly helpful when you would like to improve your results when bulking up, their relatively unregulated nature makes it challenging to find a reputable source of them.

It is for this reason that we have decided to review one of the more reputable sources of SARMs. In our SarmsPharm review, we are going to be taking a look at every aspect of their storefront and business, and we will compare it to the standard for some of the best SARMs sources online.

sarmspharm review

6.5 / 10 Reviewer
Good selection, easy to navigate website, mostly positive reviews.
I found quite a few accusations of fake products. They sell DMAA, which many consider to be extremely dangerous and hard to accurately dose.
SarmsPharm is one of the most popular SARMs stores out there. While we try to give everyone a fair shake, you probably want to check out their reviews before purchasing.

SarmsPharm Review

SarmsPharm is an online storefront that sells SARMs in liquid or powdered form. They also have a section of their website devoted to DMAA.

Based in the United States, you will find that their deliveries are timely and their chemical compounds are all tested thoroughly.


  • All SARMs are pharmaceutical grade
  • Wide range of products gives you a better selection than competitors
  • Free shipping on orders over 100 dollars
  • Choice of liquid or powdered SARMs

Liquid SARMs

We will start off our review by taking a look at the quality, pricing, and selection of the liquid SARMs that you will find available from SarmsPharm. Since these tend to be one of the more popular options for customers, we figured that it would be an excellent place to start off.

Pricing and Sizes

You have a selection of nine liquid SARMs from SarmsPharm, and each of them comes in a standard 30 ml bottle. When you are making your purchase, you have the choice of a single container per order, or you can get a lowered price on three bottles.

As with many other suppliers, you can always use SarmsPharm discount codes to reduce the amount that you have to spend. Most deals are centered around their liquid SARMs.


The available concentrations range from 5 mg/ml all the way up to 50 mg/ml, so you can always find the ideal liquid SARMs for your needs. SarmsPharm sells all of the typical varieties of SARMs, including the following:

These are only around half of the liquid SARMS that you will find available from this retailer. As you can see, a varied selection is one of the positives when it comes to SarmsPharm. So if you value a wide range of compounds, this is the store for you.

SARM Powder

It is often much harder to find a good source of SARM powder. It tends to be less popular than the liquid-based alternative. SarmsPharm, however, puts just as much effort into selling quality powder as they do into ensuring that their liquid SARMS are top-notch.

Pricing and Sizes

As with the liquid SARMS, you have a range of sizes to choose from when you are purchasing the powdered variety. You can opt for either one gram, five grams, or ten grams. When you are making your purchase, the price will depend on the type of SARM powder that you are looking for.

You have a choice of eight different SARM powders from SarmsPharm. The price range for all of these products (and sizes) varies between 25 dollars and around 400 dollars. So there is a little something for everyone. As with the liquid SARMS, you can also get SarmsPharm coupon codes for the powder.


As we already mentioned, you have a choice of eight different SARMs when you are purchasing them in powdered form. That is only one less than the liquids. The only product that you can get in liquid form but not in powdered form is S-23. It is sold only in liquid form at a concentration of 25 mg/ml.


We found that the SARMs that you can get from SarmsPharm tend to be a little weaker compared to some retailers who are known for selling incredibly potent SARMs. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some customers may not prefer powerful SARMs, especially if they are just getting started.

While these SARMs may have taken a little longer to provide results, they still work. We noticed no adverse side-effects while using them (though we kept to a reasonable dosage). If you want SARMs that you can be sure are safe, but not necessarily stellar, then SarmsPharm is an excellent source.

Is SarmsPharm Legit?

The question whether SarmsPharm legit is one that we get a lot of the time. We would say that they are much more reliable than many other sites that sell SARMs. There was a single order that arrived later than their guaranteed 1-day shipping time to the US. Not a big deal since that one was only a day late.

If you prize consistency and reliability, then you can rest assured that SarmsPharm is an excellent source for these compounds.

Customer Service

Another thing that is crucial to search for in the best SARMs providers is a helpful and friendly customer service department. For instance, when our order was one day late, we contacted customer service. We were given several SarmsPharm coupon codes in return.

When it comes to saving money, few things are as helpful as deals. SarmsPharm discount codes are handed out like candy to loyal customers. It makes sense that you get to save more as you buy more. Couple this with free shipping on orders over 100 dollars, and you are set!


We hope that our SarmsPharm review has helped you learn more about this source of SARMs. While this provider is undoubtedly efficient, their compounds tend to be a little on the weak side.

If you are looking for SARMs that will quickly take effect while causing few to no side effects, we would recommend taking a look at  Choice Compounds. Choice Compounds is one of our preferred providers due to the sheer potency of their SARMs. They also have low prices.

Thank you for taking the time to read our review. We hope that we have been able to help you decide on the best SARMs vendor for your needs.

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